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Theres two kind of car restoration enthusiasts ...

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... excluding the pro's of course /forums/images/icons/smile.gif.

Right now I have my 69 Mach 1 taking a back seat to this da*n 68 coupe we're working on. You know the story .. super cheap stang, looks descent enough, so I convince myself, "oh hey, what a great ride till the mach is done!" ... well a front right inner fender apron (last night) and full bodyjob later and guess what? TWO projects now in the garage and torn down /forums/images/icons/smile.gif ...

I do it to myself I know ... but da*n ... she said so many sweet things to me with that sign hanging in the windshield ...

Oh well, we finished up the body, just need a replacement front left fender and I get to primer the whole car. Using a poly-urethane for my first time, did the hood so far and it looks great. This weekend will be primin time /forums/images/icons/smile.gif.

Lots of work but I'm almost there. I figure the coupe should bring in enough (when done) to make some serious headway on the Mach here.

Well, if I don't find another project ... /forums/images/icons/smile.gif ... you know those early model coupes are real sharp when done up right, hmmm ....

Anyhow back to my main point, theres two kinds of ppl who seem to restore cars. Theres the "all out" kind who just buy any old stang running or non and start hammering away (sometimes literally <g>) and then theres the "drive and restore" kind who like to do a bit at a time.

Well I'm starting to learn the benefit of doing it the later way ... I really gotta stick to that "its gotta run" principle when buying here .. sigh ....
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The total resto, where it isn't running when you get it and won't be for a while, can be frustrating. I've been there.....

I just took on another roller but non-runner, but at least I've got a running mustang to tide me over during that project !! Dickson
I suppose one could say that I've done it both ways. About 20+ yrs ago, I cosmetically restored a 66 convertible. While it looked pretty good, it needed a mechanical restoration. However, I sold it before going any further (new daughter on the way). Then some years ago, I found a nice 67 coupe that needed very little mechanical work (mostly brakes) and I drove it while improving the overall appearance. The 66 Fastback was another story altogether. Since it was a basket case to start, I had little choice but to do a ground up restoration that spanned over 10 years. I finally got to drive it for the first time last month. There is a third category of Mustang restoration. That's the people that buy a car and do little or nothing on it for years, perhaps decades. Sometimes, they end up with numerous cars that are all in some limbo state of completeness. I know several people in this category.
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you forgot about the fourth kind....

the ones who say they'll restore it some day, and it justs sits and rots away until the person dies /forums/images/icons/frown.gif
My dad is one of those that just buys vehicles with the "intention of fixing them up someday". His house is where cars more or less come to die /forums/images/icons/frown.gif At least he doesn't have anything real nice. No matter what anyone says to people like this, they will never change. I hate seeing desirable project cars rot away.
Yup.... I got a basket case Mach 1 and spent ten years and more money than I have brains but I ended up with a car I am very proud of....Oh yeah, and I convinced myself never again.
Driving the car while you're trying to work on it is tough. There are lots of times I wish I had a cheap driver, so that I could take the time to do my best work/detailing, etc., but it always has to be ready to go for the next day. Case in point: I will be attempting to change my hydraulic lifters out tomorrow after I get home from work at about 5, but it also must be ready for the following days drive to work at 8. I'm rearing to go and ready to do it now, but after working all day, then driving home in 100+ degree air with no a/c in my car, I'll probably just go home and sit on my a$s and be disappointed in myself.
And there's the 5th category that I fit into. More projects going simultaneously than anyone can keep track of. Bang them all out in less than 7 months and start on some more *LOL*.

At one point, while we were swapping my drive train to my son's car, we had the '66 down, the '65 down, and took time out in the middle to get the body work done on my daughter's '69 and SWMBO's Honda. I kept that pace up for about 7 months, finished them all, sold the Honda and kicked back for about 2 months before selling the house and moving *LOL*.

At least I'm down to one project now, the '69 sportsroof. I am planning on doing a much slower rebuild of it, but once I get started have a hard time stopping.
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