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They should have gotten a Doofus Award!

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I was catching up with an old friend on the phone last night when I remembered a story I wanted to share here.

About 8 years ago I get a call from a friend who has an '87 Mustang and wanted to rebuild his brakes and was having trouble. I was busy, but said I'd stop by a little later. Anyway, when I show up my two friends are beating on the rear brake drums with a mallet, "they just won't come off!" I step back from the car, look around, then reach inside the car and release the parking brake..., both drums pop off of the the car and crash to the concrete! They had beaten them halfway off of the shoes with the parking brake on. I laughed so hard at these guys I couldn't see straight, they had been at this for about 2 hours... I miss those guys, they make me feel smart.

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That's classic. I haven't done that one, at least not yet......

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I bought a 74 Nova SS from a guy one time. He said he just rebuilt the brakes, but they act funny. Driving it home I notice the rear brakes locked up rather easily. I got home and put the car on the lift, pulled off the front wheels and in front of me were beautifully turned rotors, rebuilt calipers and NO brake pads.

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LOL, that's a good one.. Just don't let those guys help on the stang without proper supervision, or the BFH might do some damage. BTW, I have to admit I've tried to pull the drums off before with the brake on....I figured it out though before I got out the hammer!

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