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Think this wheel will fit?

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I'm concerned about the +6mm offset and the specs don't mention the center bore diameter.

I'll be putting them on a 68 convertible with front OEM style single piston 11" disc brakes and standard drum rears. 1" dropped 620 springs, 4.5" mid-eye 1" drop leafs, and 1" Arning drop.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: I went to Dodgestang's chart first which is where I got the dimensions for this wheel but the chart makes no mention of offset nor center bore diameter to fit a particular hub.

- Alex O.
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Thanks! I actually went to the chart first but it makes no mention of the offset nor center bore factors so I just wanted to confirm first.

- Alex O.
I have magnums with the same dimensions (15x7 4.25bs +6mm os)
on the front of my 67.
The tires are 215/60 R15. No problems with the space.
My car is lowered, about 2 inches.
I don`t know the rest of the cragar rim.

Good to know. Thanks for the input.

- Alex O.
Your link says its 4.25 backspacing so using the dodgestang chart what else is needed?
You'd think so right? Except, take a look at this one:

It looks perfect but the center bore is 2.125". However, my OEM disc brake center bore is 2.85". Think how fun it would be to have them shipped to your house just to find out they won't even go onto the hub.

- Alex O.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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