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i was thinking about taking out a personal loan through my dad's union hall to have the bodywork done on my car. i am just getting sick of my paint fading and turning pink (normally red) and the rust on the quarters. it is still a very good looking car and was going to get a brighter red paint. it currently also has white shelby stripes, a 69-70 rear spoiler, front chin spoiler and a mach 1 hood scoop. when i have it redone i am planning on getting a 67 shelby style hood with the dual scoops from mustangs unlimited, it is the best looking hood i've seen for the 67's. and as far as all my chrome and stainless goes, i was thinking of having it all transluscent red powder coated. i saw the guys on horsepower tv do this to an air cleaner lid and it looked awesome.

just wondering what some of you guys think about this

shawn hill

1967 modified coupe
fuel injected 289

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I think you've already answered your question! You've already decided to go w/ the dual scoops as they are the "best looking hood" you've seen, as well as the powder coating that "looked awesome." It sounds like you've given it some thought and planning - now just go get that loan and get that '67 back on the road turning heads and gears!


'66 signal flare red coupe with styled steel wheels
289 4bbl. w/ power steering, brakes, and A/C
White interior with a bench seat, deluxe seatbelt option, and an extra seatbelt in the back for my three kids . . .
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