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this is increble

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o my god i have a chance to buy a 352 f.e. big block for less than i pay for shoes. is there a reason why...
wont fit in my car haS poor performance etc. please let me know asp. i would reall appreciate it.,..
big block power for that cheap, unbeleivable.
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Although a bit heavy for its size and HP, it's a good basic engine that powered quite a number of Fords sleds before the larger versions became prevalent.

Since a 390 and I believe 428 were available for your car, this engine will install with the same mounts and tranny as the other, bigger cousins.

If your engine is on the way out, it might make a relatively inexpensive replacement if you have access to the trans and mounts, accessory brackets, etc. inexpensively as well...

Remember, look at the whole cost of installing the package before taking the plunge...

how much will this engine increase my performance , is it really worth it purchase... will it be a big jump in hp from my 289
FoMoCo rated the 352 and 390 big blocks at around 320 horsepower. The 289 was rated around 200-220 horsepower.

You'll notice a performance gain definitely, but bnever forget that changing out an engine is ALWAYS very expensive, weven if the motor isn't.
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It'll be a noticeable difference, even in light of the weight penalty of the FE engine...
You'll likely notice more torque at a lower rpm and a broader torque band rather than more ultimate HP (although it will have more).

Again, weigh the cost of installing the entire package...

Given what you have in the car currently, a 351W for the same money would be a better could use your trans and likely many of the existing accessory mounts...

Also bear in mind the extra weight over the front end will result in a lower front end unless you add stiffer springs, as well your under steer will increase also due to the added front weight.

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what kind of shoe you get? dang that has to be cheap!
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