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i have a boat with a fiberglass windshield.
i noticed that on both sides where it is curved there are tiny cracks an tiny bubbles..but they don't go all the way thru.
Does anyone know of a way to get reid of them?
is theresome kindof stuff made for this or close to it?
i have tried buffing them out with all kinds of abrasives..
andafter doing it for a while...there is a small amount of
progress but at thjis rate it will be august before i'm done.
Does anyone have any ideas?
or should i hang it up and have another windshield made
[i'm afraid of the cost..........boy am i!]
anything with the boat word in it ain't cheap!
and if my language herewas not appropiate i'll understand if i get the boot.

a camaro pulled up next to reved...
I laughed.

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For the cracks there is not much you can do without a filler for them, as to the 'bubbles' they are there to stay. When the manufacturer poured the thing it had air pockets in it and they went unnoticed. With some clear filler and a LOT of elbow grease you may be able to get the cracks out enough so as not to notice them. Unless it is cracked completely through, I wouldn't worry about the cracks or the 'bubbles'.Now if these are in your path of vision, then I would replace the winescheen.

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