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This is the build I have in mind, I wanted to create a plan and know if it is reasonable

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So I have begun to piece together a build for my car and was wondering if I can have some opinions on it. This would be over time where I pick up parts when there are sales and when I can scrap up some extra money. This is the ultimate path I want to go since my 6 cylinder feels like its on last legs. I know my transmission is dead already, but the engine is alright. I do plan on making upgrades regardless.

Brakes: Classic Services Restoration Parts (Swap2) (SWAP.2.5/M/SLU.M ) for the front

Front: 64-70 Mustang Front Bilstein Shock - Mike Maier Inc with 500 lb Coil Spring from Mike Maier too
Rear Suspension: 64-73 Mustang MOD 1 Rear Suspension Kit - Mike Maier Inc

Engine: I am planning on following this build for my 289(Which is rebuilt and has stock heads and is a stock block) (Depending on how much getting it ported costs, this shop is local and still up!) - I got this from the comments of another forum post. I read it and liked the output and availability (400HP 289 is it possible)
-Fully ported '66 heads ported by Superior Automotive in Anaheim, Ca. 1.90/1.54 valves
-Comp Cams 294S Solid lifter cam...big cam but the cars runs great, i've driven it
-Roller rockers
-10:1 compression
-Dual Quad Holley manifold with dual 470s

Transmisson: either a C4/C6 from a junkyard or online forum OR a t5 from junkyard or online. Most likely leaning towards C4 right now to cut back on the amount of work. Since I don't need to do some cutting for a manual switch

Driveline: Custom one? Not too sure

Rear end: Ford 8.8 from an old explorer, looking to go to a junkyard and yank out an 8.8 with 3.73 gears and a LSD since I still see explorers at junkyards extremely often.

Interior: Gauges, no clue yet (This shouldn't be too hard to think of) can determine later

Wheels: 04 - 06 Mustang stock wheels, I personally like the look and they are plentiful. Found some already for 250 bucks, whole set.

Any opinions? I am approximating everything excluding motor and transmission at around 5k. Then with the motor no clue, but transmission another 2k most likely I am thinking. I feel that I can do everything to do with suspension with rental tool kits and tools I have since I really want to work on it and save on labor. The only help I really do plan on seeking is with the motor, transmission, and possibly just adjusting the brakes with bleeding. Any wiring also. Is there anything else I am missing? Open to suggestions and changes to this.
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I have also been trying to piece together a 289 and looking at past discussion 350hp to the crank should be good, so I want to see what goodies can I add to get that from my stock block.
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