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After purchasing an extremely nice 66 convertible last November, when I drove it, I realized that I had forgotten what old cars were like. I had purchased my first new car in June of 64, new 6cyl, 3 speed mustang. I just turned 20.
After the first drive I started acquiring parts and assembling them to make the changes as smooth as possible through the winter. Last winter all new brake, fuel, and cooling, timing chain and oil pump.
So far this summer I have acquired an XXX short block, 93 Cobra head with new spring, roller rockers and had .025 removed from the surface. New Ford E-303 cam. New oil pan, performance oil pump and windage tray.
Electric fuel, water pump and fan.
Five leaf springs, 9" rear with 3.89 Detroit locker (looking for 3.55 or 3.73 gear set)
Double piston 1967 front disc, Willwood drag rear disc. Scott Drake traction bars.
I am working on putting factory power assist power steering but using 1980 Granada power steering pump with factory Granada hydroboost/master cylinder for disc /disc.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts