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I wanted to check the switch out on my 68 because I noticed the key was getting hot and I've had some issues with lights going off and the like. I took the bezel off and pulled the whole assembly out. I thought all I I would have to do is insert a pin in the little hole and it would be easy to figure out how it is done. No dice. Couldn't figure it out. Any help please?

What I found was a little disturbing. The harness has slightly melted to the ignition switch and a couple of the wires were slightly exposed at the junctions. Only thing I could do was to try to tigten the connections and put it back together. I did make a new splice for my electric choke while I was there-and made a mental note to make sure the fire extinguisher was close by.

Anybody know how I could repair or replace that connection on the wiring harness without having to replace the whole harness? By the way, I test drove it for a few miles right after and no heat was felt on the key-maybe I got lucky.


J. Boggs

Insert the pin and turn the key counterclockwise 1 position past ACC and you should be able to get the cylinder out.

Be very careful. The only other thing holding the switch to the dash is the bezel so the switch may fall down behind the dash and you've already gotten a taste of what can happen when the wires are shorted. Disconnect the battery first when playing with the ignition switch!

I assume melted ignition wires are common. I'm curious about the replies you'll get.
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