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Hello All,

Some may know I broke - again - at the lifters - again - this time I made the decision to try something different. I went with the 4 pattern hydraulic roller set up from Comp. 7200 max rpm, more lift and duration that the solid set up but the cam lift and duration is designed to even the charge to the cylinder. The inboard runners of the intake are shorter than the outboard. The cam is designed to make the volume to each cylinder more even.

It idles very evenly, the note is not like the solid cam. It has more lift and duration than the solid cam. It does not feel like I gave much, if any HP up.

The lifters have captured link bars vs. non-captured link bars. The solid lifters had non-captured and would break.

Yesterday drove to the Autobahn, ran hard for just under half an hour, cooled it down, drove it home. Lord, you can take me now.

Running 6400 chip in spark box - so I hope to oblige all the good wishers this season by not breaking.
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