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Time to put up the Welder!

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He he he. Since today is my anniversary, I figured it was a complete bust for working on my car. SWMBO is very understanding, but she ain't THAT understanding. So, last night I worked late and finished every bit of welding and grinding on the car. So, in total I have:

1. Installed 1 new rear frame rail and torque box.
2. Installed new trunk floor on driver's side.
3. Patched rear inner wheel well (cut what I needed out of a new Ford piece).
4. Patched floor pan under driver's seat support.
5. Replaced driver's side Convertible Brace.
6. Installed new TCP convertible Subframe Connectors.

Plus a ton of other work, but the stuff listed above is what I used my new Lincoln 135 Pro on. I hope my next welding project will be building a cart to store the welder on. I've salvaged 2 casters from an old creeper and 2 wheels from my old pushmower as a start. First off though I've got to put my car back together! Anyway, I figure finishing the welding is a milestone of sorts and after seven months of working on my car...that was something I was desperately searching for.

I'm just rarein to go on the rest of the work now. Do you think SWMBO would notice if I just snuck out to the barn for a couple of hours tonight? I mean, I bought her roses, that ought to mean she'd cut me a little slack. It's not like we won't have another anniversary next year! (I better quit thinking before I get myself in trouble /forums/images/icons/wink.gif.)

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On my anniversary this spring I came across an ad in the paper for a 67 convertible. I called the number and found out the guy was leaving for a trip the next morning at 3am, and he had someone coming the day he got back to look at the car. The only time I could see it was 8pm that nite. Problem was I had reservations for me and SWMBO at a fancy restaurant a 7. It took alot of manuevering, but I got to the restaurant at 6:30, ordered light and kept things moving then casually mentioned to my wife that perhaps we could go for a ride after dinner. After 12 years she knew something was up so I fessed up and surprisingly she went for it. She might have second thoughts now though since I bought the car on site, and she now refers to it as the other woman!
funny thing, on my anniversary, i found that the garage door was locked with a note saying, "just try it, buddy". Well, the day day after the anniversary, the note was business as usual!

Congrats on reaching the milestone. Enjoy the progress - and hopefully soon - the car again.

John Harvey
Sounds like something my SWMBO would do. I love it! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif.
No way ... you bought her the roses. That should suffice for the anniversary stuff, now go work on the car.

Just kidding, of course. Listen to that little devil on your other shoulder and do as you said ... quit thinking. It'll only get you in trouble.
Congrats on the anniversery Phil. How many years? Mine was 2 weeks ago on the 13th, 15 years & going.
Well...yeah. You have to:

1. Take out the seats and carpet.
2. Take out the gas tank.
3. Take the entire rear axle assembly and leaf springs out.
4. Take off the rear valance.
5. Take out the exhaust system.
6. Take out the drive shaft.

And that's before you even start. But, it's only work. One thing that definitely helped was leaving all the bracing in and the other frame rail so that I had something to go back to and check my positioning on the replacement.

Luckily, my passenger side was in much better shape.

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