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started to put on a double roller chain timing set on the 66 this weekend , from NPD, and found the cam
pin didn't stick thru far enough to catch the pump eccentric, face of the cam gear has a raised center.
did i order the wrong part? (cat says fits 66 to 73) get the wrong part? (part numbers right) or do i need to
replace the cam pin? this is on a 66 2v, engine id is 66 also thanks to kbstang. thanks all.

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Early 66 used the long pin that goes all the way through the gear to the fuel pump excentric. Later 66 and all newer ones used the shorter pin and the excentric has a tab that goes into the hole to keep it aligned. You need the later style excentric to go with the gear set you have.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts