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Timing Question

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What is the best degree to set a stock 351C. I know this is a
simple question. But I have a simple mind :)
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Yep! Road timing is the best way to get it right. There have been
a few post on how to do this. You drive the car, keep turning it up
till it pings, and set it back a little. I take a 1/2 wrench with me and
work on it for a few days if need be. It shouldn't take more than a
few runs but, it gives me a reason to go out and run the car!
I just posted a question like this a couple of days ago. Here's basically what I am doing. I learned that because of the age of engine, that the timing ring may have slipped so the degree measure might not be accurate. If you have a vacum gauge, adjust the timing until you have the maximum pressure (which should be about 10-12 degrees). If the engine starts pinging than back it off a bit.
MustangDave has a good idea there. That would give you a good
starting point.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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