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Timing set I think but still won't start......

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I've have asked and asked and done every suggested but still no luck. As I posted before, I just installed a MSD distributor, intake, and 1406 Edelbrock carb.
1) I have spark
2) I have fuel in new carb
3) Battery is fully charged
4) Have placed pointer to TDC mark (found my timing marks, thanks!) and placed Rotor to spark plug #1

After all of this, still no luck! Engine will not start, Its definitely is turning but won't start. Good grief what else could it be?
Any idea if their are any adjustments to the distributor or carb that are necessary? BTW, just to verify, where should I connect the 12v source to the carb? THANKS!
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You may have it 180 degrees out.....Make sure number one is on the compression stroke.
I agree with Keenbean and you may also check and make sure that your firing order is going the same direction as the dizzy.
Take it from one who know's!!!!!
If you have the right firing order but put the wires on in the oppisite direction it don't start It will sputter and back fire. Get a 3ft flame out of the carb!!!!! But won't start. I put the wires on CLockwise on the 429 had to be counter clockwise. Not only that but, I had it 180 degrees off /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Quick and dirty way to find TDC compression...remove coil wire; remove #1 sparkplug; bump-crank engine (I bump it with a little screwdriver across the solenoid terminals), while holding finger over sparkplug hole; when blast off air blows your finger out of the way (there is a smaller blast of air during the overlap cycle at TDC, but the difference will be obvious), look at damper timing marks and note proximity to TDC mark (you could be on either side of it); manually bring damper TDC into alignment with timing pointer on cover. (This presupposes that your damper outer ring is accurate and has not slipped)
Remove distributor cap and note where rotor is should be at or CCW just beyond the location of the #1 cap terminal (because there is a small amount of advance at cranking speed where the advance mechanism is functional); adjust as necessary. Firing order is CCW, if early engine, 15426378.

Get back to us with results...
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I know for a fact I have my distributor turned around with the #1 position towards the radiator instead of the air cleaner only because that was the way it looked best. Otherwise the MSD distributor looked backwards. I asked in this forum a couple weeks ago and was told by several VMFers that was fine as long as the firing order is correct which it is. My number one position is located in the front and going counter clockwise is 15426378. Does this sound right?...
I remember kick starting an old Triumph Tiger Cub motocycle for hours while I convinced myself everything was just right for the thing to start. Finally got really pi##ed-off and turned the distributor 180 degrees. Started on the next kick!
My MSD has the vacuum canister facing the radiator, and the sticker label facing the air cleaner if its any use to you.
I have the MSD 8582 (no vacuum advance) with the "MSD" label facing forward and the pigtail towards the carb. If I turn it around 180 degrees, it will look ackward. I guess I'll try wiring the cap in the correct order starting with the #1 towards the rear (where the old distributor pointed to #1). Do you think this will help?
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