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hello i sure would appreciate some advise on the proper color of black to repaint the origianl rims that i just sand blasted and are in excellent condition now that i have take all the rust off of. could someone please tell me how many coats of primer i need to put on them as i have put one coat on them so far and also , i would like to know what color of black ( not sure if i asked that right ) i mean do i put a glossy or a flat black on them and also how many coats do i need . i would also like to know do i have new tires mounted on the rims before or after i paint, i need to know the order i need to put them on ( paint then mount tires or mount tires then paint ) if i need to mount tires what do you reccomend to cover the tires so i do not get paint on the tire itself.


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Any primer/paint needs to completely cover the surface, hiding any bare metal, or in the case of color, any primer. A self etching primer would be my choice. It's more expensive that a basic primer, but 'bites' the bare metal, creating a more durable surface for the color, and is available in spray cans at automotive paint stores. Would recommend painting the rims before mounting the tires. Tire places now pretty much use 'stand-off' tire mounting machines that never touch the rim, except for where it clamps to the rim on the underside. I prefer the Rust-Oleum semi-gloss black which goes by the trade name Painter's Touch. Others lean towards the Krylon line. I think the Rust-oleum product is a truer black while the Krylon product has more of a soot black apperance to it. Get a can of each and judge which one you think is best to your eye.

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