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tire size and power steering swap

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i am putting together a 1970 mach 1 i have a nice set of stock 14x7 wheels, the car isn't lowered, i'm am planning to use BF Goodrich radal or comp TAs i was just wondering what the best size tire(for looks and handling) any of you fellers are useing on a 14x7 wheel alsoi have a 1970 coupe for parts that has power steering i would like to swap it to my mach1 . the coupe has a 302 and my mach has a 351w so all the brackets and such should bolt right up.. my question is are the factory steering boxs different between manual and power steering? thanks jace
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I run the BF Radial T/A's, and they look great. I have a 66 Couple with !5X7 Wheels, and 225/60s up front and 235/60s in the rear. The car has been lowered 1" all around and there are no clearance problems. I'm pretty sure I could have fit slightly bigger though. Soon I plan on swapping the 235's to up front and getting 245's or 255s for the rear.

I know this wont help much since we have different cars and wheel sizes, but I do like those tires! If the Comp T/A's came with raised white lettering I certainly would have gotten those instead.


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I like 235X60's on all four corners of a Mach..they fill up the wheel well and look great..

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