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I want to put wide tires on my 70 Mach. The rear suspension is stock and I have 14X7 wheels. Does anyone know the largest size that will not rub for 14x7 wheels and also for 15x8 because I might be able pick up a nice set of those.
Thank you for your info

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On my 69 Fastback, I have put 245/60/14's and 235/60/15's in the rear without any rubbing.

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I've got 235/60/14s all around - no problem. Looks nice at fat in the wheel wells.

70 Mach 1 (351C 4V 4-speed) I've been restoring since '96. 95% complete. Also have a '68 HT (289 2-speed) that I restored between '97-98 and is FOR SALE! The VMF has proven to be an invaluable resource for information, humor and excellent advice.
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