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Tire size

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I just got some used rims from my local mustang guy and need to get tires. The rims are 14x6.5 . I think I have 5" on my car now. I was planning on putting P195/75R14's on it but a quick perusal of tire manufacturer web sites seems to indicate putting this size on 5"-6" rims. Do I need to get a different sized tire? I want to keep a close-to-stock look and keep my spedo accurate.

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195/70 or 205/70 should fit and look very close to original,
I like the 205's a bit better because they fil up the wheel well
a bit more
I agree. I have BF Goodrich white-wall P205/75R14 tires on my Mustang. The 195 looks bad on it...
Nothing against originality, but. I am about to purchase 15*7 Bassett lookalikes. I was just curious with my old 14*7 and tried rear tires in front. And guess what? With 14*7 with 3 3/4 back-spacing, 245/60/14 filled front wheelwells nicely with no rubbing.

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