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Is there a way to do a vehicle history check of the title for a classic mustang? I want to see if there is any record of a car being stolen, wrecked, etc. Services like Carfax only go back to 1981. I am looking at a 65 Mustang.

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I spoke with an US trace, internet service that I've had do VIN checks for me. They suggested contacting your local sheriff if you're wondering about a stolen vehicle. They have access to the National Crime Information Center database.

As far as vehicle history goes, its hit or miss depending on state. I've checked Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Florida for VIN history in the past and they tend to purge record after 10 years or so. If you're pressed for time, use an internet service otherwise contact the DMV in the state and get the appropriate form for VIN history check.

Others have had similar experiences. Check this link
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