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title swith-over problem?

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I bought my 66 last summer from the original owner and got the original title along with all the original paperwork. I havent changed the title over, so tomorrow im going to the DMV to take care of this. Is there going to be some kind of fee or penalty for waiting to change the title? are they simply going to give me a hard time with it? i live in NJ so if this helps with the laws or anything. Any help is welcome!
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I live in Ohio and from what i remember when i did the title i had owned the car for 2 years. There was only like a 10 dollar fee and they did not give me any problem about it. Just check the title to make sure it is clean. unless you know the person.

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I'm not suggesting you do this, since some people would say it is dishonest, so don't hold me responsible for anything if you follow what OTHER people have done.

Some people wait to put the date of sale on the title until they are ready to get the vehicle transferred into their own name. So if you were one of those people you probably would put the date of sale to like a week ago, thus avoiding the penalty.

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I've was told by a DMV person,(while re-tagging my truck) as long as there is a tittle change, from one person to another, there's no penalty. But I did get a letter from, the seller, stating the car had been in storage, for 3yrs. Been working on it for months now. Not ready to reg/ it yet!
Why would you wait so long?

You could sink a lot of time and money into a car and then find out you have a title problem. You could then find out you have no recourse from the PO. Perhaps he died or moved and you can't find him, etc

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You should still be able to get a title with no plates. I have done this with all of my project cars.

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Check out

It looks like they will hit you for $25 for taking more than 10 business days to transfer title.

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