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To any who went from 2v to 4v

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I saw an ad for a local parts store selling a Holley 4v for $183. I though this was pretty good and would like anyone's opinion who went from the stock set up 2v, to an aftermarket 4v what they use and would they recommend it. I am only going to purchase the carb and intake at this time. Also I have single exhaust, but do have plans on the horizon for the dual set up. Also the engine I have is tired and needs a rebuild. Should I go and make the purchase or wait until I have the exhaust or rebuild done.

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I would go ahead and buy it..thats a good price..put it on the car and enjoy..then when you are can rebuild the engine...or it might be a good time to just go ahead and do your rebuild..either way..the price is it!

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Do you know which holley 4V it is? If you can post the type or list number, then it will be easier.

I went from 2v to 4v. Loving more horsepower, it was worth it. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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It is the 600 cfm performer series.

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I agree with these guys about making the purchase now to score on the deal. I assume that the carb is an 1850 or some cousin of that? Is it vacuum or mechanical secondaries? Keep in mind too that you can get a very good Edelbrock carb for $195 every day of the week. You can't get quite as much power out of it, but it will be very reliable, with consistant performance. Cooincidentally, i have both carbs, and will be installing the Edelbrock until I can get new heads, cam, etc. Good luck!

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What kind of intake comes with it? I have a an old original iron intake for my 4v, but you should upgrade to something like an aluminum Weiand or Edelbrock intake. My friend has a Weiand stealth intake on his '68 and he loves it.
I bought a 600 Holley, vacuum secondaries,electric choke at a parts store right in my town. I paid 219.00. I figure any v8 Mustang should have one. I had to do very little adjustments to the Holley, slight adjustment on floats and idle and fast idle. Works great, I have a Performer manifold too.
Put a Holley 600, vacuum secondaries, electric choke and an Edelbrock Performer intake on mine......Love it. I recommend the purchase. Add headers and dual exhaust next, it will free up the breathing a bit and make you smile when you hear it. This should allow you more performance, even on a tired 289. Rebuild or upgrade can come later and the parts can be re-used....

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The holley I bought when I converted mine cost over 200 bones that sounds like a good deal cause you can buy a rebuild kit for about $15-$20.
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