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To cam or not to cam and silicone dampner?

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I have a question about changing the cam in my car. I have a 65' 289 with an edelbrock preformer intake and 600cfm carb. The cam in the engine is unknown. Not that I am looking for a project to spend money on - but I am wondering if it makes any sence to upgrade the cam to the edelbrock one that is part of their engine upgrade kit for that intake and carb. Obvisouly I would have to tear down the front of the engine...a good excuse for a new timeing chain, new hi flow waterpump and a new silicone balancer (to hopefully get rid of some highway shakes)..any thoughts folks?

Also, on the Highway I still get a lot of vibration in the I have a stiff front end with edelbrock shocks...I was thinking about a silicone dampner and an aluminum drive shaft to help out...any thoughts on that? Tires are 215 Comp TA's.
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Makes perfect since to me *LOL*! If the cam is unkown, and especially suspected to be stock, replacing with the Performer cam, will make a huge difference ... and like you say, gives you an excuse for the other goodies.

uh, just saw you're other post ... was your previous high rise intake installed by a previous owner? That would be odd to say the least, to run a hi-rise intake on a stock cam. Wouldn't perform worth a damn, IMHO. Chances are you've got a bigger cam than you think!

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Ok, I'm going to be blunt, LOL. It doesn't make any sense to just throw a different cam at your motor. You need to have some sort of goal or plan or desire or need to change something before you just go changing stuff for no reason. You may find out that the cam you already had was as good or better than the one you are throwing at it this time around.

The same thing up there goes for your damper and drive shaft change. You need to determine what the source of your vibration is before you just go throwing expensive parts at it with no idea whether they will fix anything or not. If you gave more details about the nature of your vibration somebody on here could probably steer you toward where the problem actually is.

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NHice car in your picture, how did you get those big rear wheels to clear the fenders and not rub. As for the balancer and driveshaft - My balancer is worn and the ruber os old, so I was going to replace it anyway...I want to upgrade time I would like to have the new balancer, edelbrock waerpump, cobra oil pan, remote oil filter, etc...little things I want to do to continue to make the car the way I want it..

As for the vibration. I feel it a lot in the shifter and just general road vibration. I have a stiff suspension and subframe connectors, etc. Now, when I shift into 5th gear it gets better. So I am guessing the drive shaft - which I had balanced once already might be causing some of the problems...and a lightweight aluminum one might for the front end...if the suspension is new and the tires are new....and it is thinking im getting some vibration in the engine from and old dampner that looks to have worn ruber and you can;t even see any markings anymore either.

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