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Just board, sitting in my hotel room, figure I would update the VMF. I am TDY, (business trip) to Mississippi, for school for three weeks, 39 years old and still going to school!!! I get home for three weeks, and my wife comes here for 4 weeks, for her school. Sometime we just cannot get together. We are doing great, my daughter has come to live with us, something about family problems with her mom… Having a 14 year old in the house has been a test of our relationship, but like always, we passed. Our daughter, (she has taken to my wife like her lost mom) has been a hand full, but the other day she wrote my wife a letter, telling her that there is no other place she wanted to be, made me tear up, great kid for what she has been through.
I have not logged on for a week and to many posts to look at but I am doing my best. I enjoy reading all the posts, its like finding out what the family has been up to. I was very sorry to hear of the passing of one of our friends, I was going to say something but did not know what, so I will just say that I hope there family well. To the rest submit your pictures, for mustang of the week, I like looking at all the cars no matter what shape. I miss my car, I have not driven it for a week, or the Harley for that matter, just want a real car, I got a foreign something from the rental company, what a dog, I don’t think it could get out of its own way. Yes Ken, I plan on changing the front brakes the ones you recommended, but just need the time. I am being told that I should not plan on being home for the holidays, will be another sad holidays, but we will get through…

Time to go, and do some studying, sorry for the spelling errors not used to a laptop…

To all be safe…


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Thanks for the update Jeff.
Glad things are working out with the 14 year old. That's a tough age no matter whose kid they belong to.
39 is not so old to still be in school, you still have some functional brain cells. I graduated with my second degree and most meaningful at 39. I'm actually glad it took me a while to "grow up and decide what to be."
Good thing about VMF is its open 24/7 so drop in anytime!
Thanks for your committment to our country and keeping it safe for the rest of us.
God bless,
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