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To roll bar or not...

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I think most of you know about my project, 1965 600 HP EFI fast back. Given the possibility that my car will see track time, should I put a rollbar in? How much of my interior will I loose? Any suggestions as to the roll bar to use?
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I had the same thought. Our '65 coup started off as a street car
with a few track days. Well, now it sees a lot of track days. We
put one in, and if nothing else it gives a great place to mount the
camera! Really, it is a must for any car that sees track time.
We run with the Shelby Club here in Calif. They have three run
groups. Yellow-beginer, Red-novice, Green-experienced. The
yellow and red groups do not require a roll bar. The red group
is a fast group, there are some very spirited drivers and cars
that could run in the green group but the extra safety gear to
run in the green is a cost issue for some. A roll bar is a good
idea for a street car that has some HP. A flip/rollover can
happen on the street also. We put safety before HP in our car.
In the last year we have spent more time and money making the
car safer, and next to nothing to make it faster. Good seat belts
and a roll bar are pretty much standard stuff for a fast car, street
or track.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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