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To roll bar or not...

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I think most of you know about my project, 1965 600 HP EFI fast back. Given the possibility that my car will see track time, should I put a rollbar in? How much of my interior will I loose? Any suggestions as to the roll bar to use?
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I am building the car to run on the street. The engine will be a 331 stroker, mexican block, with twin Garett GTBB35 turbos
I have stage II TCP subframes, added torque boxes, 4.5 leaf springs, del alum bushings, TCP coil overs, upper and lower control arms and rack and pinion. I need to decide if and how I will add a roll bar. I don't drag race but I may run a few times to see what it does. I have no track experiance. I might start at a driving school. Hopefully, they will let me use my own car if it meets the standards.
Tranny is T-56, rear end is ford 9" with 3.5:1 gears and shelby underides. You guys are really helping me here. I don't think my intention is to road race, (wife will kill me as I remember her reaction to my autocross days). What do the tracks require just to play and not really race?
If you mean do I plan to drive it everyday, then no. I drive a F250 diesel everyday. I will drive it on weekends, to shows, past Vipers and Vettes, and to club events. Mustang plus has a roll bar that is a 4 point with removable cross if you want to use the back seats. Id rather not loose the trunk hatch.
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