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Ok, just got off horn with this guy in town who does restorations for a living. Anyhow, I've torn my mach down to everythig but the steering wheel and suspension .... I was thinking of using an orbital sander and my drill with the circular stipper pads to sand down the undercarriage and engine comp. in/out.

Well I decided to call around just to see what it might cost to have someone else do the work :). Anyhow, this guy offered to sandblast the car in/out for $400 CDN ... he also said he will do the sandlbasting + 3 costs of rustproofing and high gloss black for a total of $800.

Now what has me a bit concerned is that he says he will *not* paint if there are holes after the blasting. This seems to make sense, I'm just curious if this sounds like a little bit of bait being dangled so he can slap me with the welding charges once I'm in there ... he did say that he would allow me to take the car and do the metalwork myself and then return to have the underside/engine comp painted later.

What do you guys think?


1969 Mach 1 ( M-Code)
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