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Today Sucked O/T!!

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Well sorry first off that this is Off the Topic of Mustangs. All though this is a mustang related problem. Picked up the 93 Saturn today for $1300 bucks. I know going in that this will cost some money somewhere there has to be hidden problems. #1 problem was that the tires were slashed. I new that going in. Cost is $250 for new tires. #2 DMV wants to charge me taxes on $4300. They say its worth that much. I have to get a dealer to appraise it lower so I can get the taxes reduced. #3 Drove home great, got it into the garage. Showing off to a friend it overheats right there while idling!!! ARGGGHHH I thought only mustangs did that! So I look around where all the mist is coming up from and sure enough the radiator has a hole in it and some gunk where some idiot PO had slobbered silicone over it to keep it from leaking!! So now tomorrow I will have to get a radiator and learn how a Saturn comes apart! Its one of those days!!

If you have experience with Saturns and Radiators please throw me some tips.
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It really sounds like one heck of a deal good luck Robert
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