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Tom Schmidt - You're killing me man!

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8 years of slaving to pay down my house and you've got me trying to figure out if I've got enough equity built up to borrow $40,000 to buy your '681/2 KR? You got to be kidding me man? What did I ever do to you?

What gives? Did you find a better car?


p.s. I'm forwarding YOUR WEBPAGE to my boss. He's always saying he wants to buy a Shelby some day...and he's loaded so the cash wouldn't be a problem.
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I think Tom recently posted that he was closing a deal on the selling the Shelby. I wanted it too, but timing is BAAAAAD!

Tom posted he has replaced the Shelby with a Saleen. Good thing he still has his 66 vert, or he would no longer be a VINTAGE stanger!

Let's all just dream together of the day when 68KRs will grace all our garages. LOL!!

I LOVE that interior color!!! Must be a hard car to part with.
I am only selling the Shelby because it is getting hard for me to comfortably drive. I have a bad left knee from injuries I got about 5 years ago, and the knee is getting worse with time. The clutch on the KR is heavy, and driving it around is tiring. I considered replacing the clutch, even asking for suggestions here on the forum a few months ago. But I decided it would be best to sell the KR to someone than to make to any major mods to the clutch to allow me to continue driving it.

So I already bought a replacement, a Laser Red 2000 Saleen S281 SuperCharged Speedster. I will post pics soon.

So currently I have 3 Mustangs in the garage, and SWMBO is getting mad as I am supposed to be limited to 2. I bought the Saleen early because I found it while on vacation and was able to drive it home, and I thought I had the Shelby sold for $40K, but that deal fell through.

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I understand on the knee thing. I used to have a similar problem when I had an old S15 with a T5 as a daily driver. After walking on concrete all day I'd get in the truck and within 15 minutes my knee hurt so bad I thought I'd cry. I guess I'm just deluded enough to think it wouldn't hurt if I was driving something as cool as your car.

Anyway...I forwarded the link and a picture to my boss. RIght now he's got a C5 Vette, a Prowler and a 427 Yenko powered '68 Chevelle. Oh, and a new Tahoe that he actually drives. I think he could find room for another car. Hell, I'd loan him half of my barn for that matter /forums/images/icons/smile.gif.

Good luck with it. Very sweet looking car.

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