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Too Good to be true? Yep. It sure was

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On a Mustang Classic for Sale site...
Year: 1967 .....Model: Convertible .....Color : Baby Blue .....Transmission: Manual 4 spd. .....Engine: V8 ....Price: $1,500. .....Comments: runs good and has a re-built engine. has not been wrecked. Midnight Blue, top speed of 150. White racing stripes. Must sell because I'm moving out of country. ....

Sounds GREAT!...except...this Pony is a CADILLAC! Grrrrrrr. Yes we like old cars. But try to get the MAKE close? :p
I thought I'd found a Mustang in a barn story for you guys. Instead I found a waterbuffalo

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Ummm, how can someone confuse a Mustang with a Caddy? BTW, thats not a bad deal on a good Caddy Vert is it?

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Kinds stinks when you open the old barn door and out pops Grandma's old Caddy. Dude, you have to see the humor in that one.

Sorry it didn't work out. $1500 for a 67 Caddy convertable isn't bad though; if your in to them...

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A Caddy with a four speed?

Gene J
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