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Yeah..."Sally"..that's what my grandson named the Mustang. I don't know why, but I bow to the autistic 6 year old on this one.

Anyway, our weather has been beautiful...sunny and warm...and I couldn't resist getting out on the road for a little showing off. ;) When I stopped for gas a couple from Virginia rushed over and wanted to see the whole car. They already have a couple of new stangs, but the lady couldn't stop saying "Sally" was exactly what she had always wanted. She gave me her numbers and said call her if I thought of selling.

Well...who knows. Right now I think I'm gonna take advantage of the nice weather. It is a two edged sword, though. Everywhere I go people want to talk about "Sally". I guess that's just part of the "curse". LOL. :)

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Dang, she's beautiful. Maybe the 3-1/2 years was worth it.
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