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Toploader 6 bolt bellhousing

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New to posting, I have a 1965 6 bolt block. I purchased a 1964.5 Toploader and want to find a bellhousing that will mount up. Does one exist and if so what is the part number? I'm thinking my transmission body has the narrower 4 mounting bolts. Thank you
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If you don't mind swapping to a 164-tooth flywheel, 11-inch clutch and matching block separator plate, the C5TA-6394-A bellhousing is a) cast iron and b) has the bosses cast in the proper place to be able to drill and tap for the early narrow-pattern transmissions. Otherwise, the C5DA-6394-A aluminum 157-tooth unit could probably be tig-welded inside to reinforce the area and also drilled and tapped.
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