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ok i need some help. i have a 68 390gt car with 4 speed. put the tranny in and i hooked up the shifter. pinned the rods on the shifter like i understand your supposed to. then i mounted the rods to the tranny. the longer rod will actuate just fine but the other two will not. take the rods off the tranny and you can operate the tranny just fine. i have bead blasted the shifter and lubed her up good everything seems fine there. i am at a loss not to familiar with toploaders. its probably something simple i have overlooked but i dont know thanks for any help in advance astang68
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With tranny and shifter in neutral, alignment rod through the shift linkage arms, tighten up rod adjustment nuts and your through..
Did I forget something?

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Make sure that the pin your using fully fills the hole. Being off too much (by use of a small pin - I use an allen wrench) will mean that it will remain slightly in the last gear and not allow others to be choosen or shifted into

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