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Toploader Downshift Issue

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I rebuilt a wide ratio TL last winter which is now in my car behind a new engine and clutch assembly. The trans shifts beautifully up through all gears at any RPM. It downshifts very smoothly fourth to third. It will not downshift third to second without grinding excessively or at all, or second to first. When I drop below say 10 MPH, it will downshift with no issues. Car not moving or not running, it glides into all gears up and down with no issues.

I spoke to Dan Williams where I bought the kit from and he suggested driving for 500 miles, changing the gear oil and seeing if it gets any better. I have a couple threads here saying Toploaders really don't get any better than day one after a rebuild. It is what it will be.

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Patrick: I buy my GL-4 from Napa or Amazon. If I need it now, I get it from Napa. If I can wait a couple of days, I get it from Amazon. It's the Sta-Lube brand, and I get it in the gallon size.
I found this last night. NAPA closed all of there local stores here. We used to have a hub less than a mile from my house too.
That stuff is jacking up in price. I bought some back in July and it was about $26 for the gallon.
Patrick: I have the same issue with my Toploader. I can downshift 4 to 3 and even 2 to 1, but the 3 to 2 can sometimes be a pain. There are times when I try to downshift from 3d and it doesn't even feel like it wants to go into 2d. I've discovered that if I'm downshifting from 3d to 2d, if I move the shifter slightly towards 1st then go towards 2d, it goes right into gear. I'm not racing my car, so that slight hesitation from 3d to 2d while doing what I described is no big deal. I'm sure it's a synchro issue, and moving towards 1st is doing something to get everything lined up properly. Next time I pull the transmission, I'll go inside and take a look. Until now, I'll live with it.
Patrick: Once you get it all figured out, let us (me!) know. I'm having the same issue and would like to tackle it next time I open it up. :)
1 - 4 of 50 Posts
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