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Could something not work right like my heads that i just took off and cleaned if i didn't torque if back down right? Like could i blow a gasket?


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Yup....and use new head bolts too....God only knows how many times yours have been torqued...

Do you need the torque sequence? Most service manuals have it...

Rule of thumb is to start in the middle with the longer bolt, then short, then up to adjacent long, then adjacent short, then across to long on other side of middle long, then short....repeat...

Torque in 3 increments...30, 50, final...

At least that's how I do it when in a rush in the pits....*G*

I won't go into the time I just used the impact gun....hehehe


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The Shop Manual shows the torque sequence very clearly. I also step the torque values, but add another recheck of the final torque value, just to makes sure. Invest in a clicker type torque wrench - saves lots of time, effort and much greater accuracy.

I also like to torque to the upper value on the torque allowable chart, since I know there's lots of design margins built-in to these calculations.


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