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Hello -

Anyone know what the correct torque values are for the four bolts holding the export brace to the cowl of a '65-'66?
I am putting a NOS one on my car to make up for the bias ply tires Charles Turner talked me into! ;)

Any help would be appreciated. PS - I left the old brace mounts in place under the export brace and they are hardly noticeable. So if I ever decide to go back ...

Cecil Bozarth

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Bias ply tires, hih. I don't know now and I don't think Shop manual has it either, maybe checking what was the old separate braces torques would give clue. Until that, all I can say "tight". I don't think that they are extremely tight considering that the forces are not tearing bolts vertically but horizontally. (Sorry, my engineering vocabulary isn't that awesome.)

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