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I found exterior touch up paint at CA mustangs. Here is the write-up:

Repaint headlamp doors, quarter extensions and other small body panels or touch up dings and scratches with our new exterior spray lacquer. We’ve developed a rainbow of colors to match almost every original finish for 1965-73 Mustangs.

The problem is that my 65 Rangoon red has enamel as far as I know(original paint). So if I try to use this it's going to lift any original paint right? Or am I missing something?


My experience is that lacquer can go over enamel but enamel cannot go over lacquer...

When I was 17, I had a '62 Galaxie 500XL that I painted the door jambs with lacquer so I could shut 'em sooner, finished off the rest with enamel and the enamel peeled all around the overspray on the doors. What a botch...

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Typically, lacquer will crinkle or do some other weird thing over enamel; however, the acrylic enamels that were applied at the factory seem to be tough enough to withstand overcoating with lacquer. They even seem to resist some paint strippers!

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