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Hi there,

UK Mustang owner here, trying to trace the history of my 67 Fastback 7T02C263177 in VA.

According to the Marti report it started life as a standard 289 Fastback in Accapulco Blue as 'stock' for Logan Ford Co., 6800 Commerce St, Springfield, VA 22150 which no longer exists.

Based on information from the previous owner in 1991 the car was owned by "Jeremiah J. Kellar Jnr of Virginia USA" who sold it to the importer who imported it to the UK in 1991 at which point it was Silver with a 351W fitted as per photo below:

Have tried VA DMV with zero luck (especially as I'm not a US Citizen).....

Obviously its a complete longshot but if anyone had any information (or source of info) or had photos from US shows for between 1967 and 1991 that would be awesome!

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