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track tech question

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My American Racing wheels have plastic center caps which are not real tight in the wheels. Do these caps have to be removed for track use? I think I would have break them out, not happy. Also, the wheel design incorporates screw-in hex bolts around the circumference. Do these screws have to be removed?
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I'm not familiar with the wheels your talking about (picture might be nice) but typically all that loose stuff will need to be removed or secured. It may be worth contacting the track or the organizing group of the event to see what there tech rules are.
All center caps are removable without breaking them,if they were not you would have to buy new ones everytime you installed new tires as they must be removed to put the rim on the tire mounting/balancing machines. The screw in hex bolts (unless they are three piece wheels) are just decorative and are not removable
Do the center caps snap in from the outside or do they slide in from the back side, bottoming against the register with a lip? It's been awhile *G*

If they snap in, I'd pop them out when at the track, if nothing else, to save them from getting spit out on some gnarley corner (if road or oval racing)

If they're captured, I wouldn't worry about it...

The bolts are problem.......

What kind of racing are you going to be doing?
I am going to the Mustangs Northwest Ride-N-Drive event on July 18, at Seattle Pacific Raceway. This race day is part of the Northwest Mustang Round up. The track is a road course. I already ran my car on the 1/4 mile track last year. This will be my first time out on the road course. I am entering the Novice class. No head to head racing is allowed in this class. I think you just stay in single file and drive the course. It is real exciting getting the car ready and thinking about race day.

I am going to check the wheels closer tonight.
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