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Would like to trade my 65 fastback for a 65-66 convertible.
This is my third fastback I'm restoring and I've gotten the bug to get a convertible so I'd like to trade or sell for one is similar condition. If it's a little more done we can always talk about some extra cash too.

Original Data:
Built at San Jose
Build Date: November 24th 1964
DSO: Los Angeles
Original Color: Silver Blue w/Medium Blue Crinkle Interior
Engine: 289-2v
Trans: C-4 Auto
Rear: 2.80

I picked this car up last october.
This is what it currently has:
Engine was rebuilt at some point. Not sure exactly when.
Has a 70's 302 block with rebuilt 65 heads.
Was power steering converted to manual steering.
Power drum brakes.
C4 auto with 2.80 rear.
A/C currenlt not in the car. Was working but I removed it for restoration. The condensor has been damaged since sitting and needs to be either re-cored or replaced.

Here's whats been replaced/redone.
New Edelbrock PerformerRPM intake, Edelbrock Performer 600cfm carb, alternator, fuel pump, plugs, wires, cap/rotor/points, coil, battery, ignition wiring harness, inner/outer tie rods, idler arm, centerlink and new tires installed.

I have gutted the interior and have a complete new black interior to install minus the carpet.
Seats were re-upholstered in black pony style upholstery I had from a previous car.
The passenger side has a small puncture hole on the back lower section and the drivers side some light wear marks on the side bolster. Rear seat is perfect. Good condition altogether.
Headliner is installed and in great condition.
No holes cut in the trap door or interior body panels. All in good condition just needs to be repainted.

Engine runs great but the carb should be jetted down a size or two. Runs a little rich at lower rpms.

Frame rails, rockers, and trunk are all solid and in great condition.
Floors are in pretty good shape.
Front floors have some rust around the weld seem were it meets the seat riser. I was juts going to clean it up and reweld and patch if neccesary.
Rear floors have some rust areas around rear portion.
About a 2-3 inch area. The rest is solid so they can either be easily patched or replaced if you wanted to.

Hood is great. Had a 3 inch surface rust spot were the paint had chipped away. Has been sanded and primed in that area.
Front valance and stone deflector are in good condition no rust.
Fenders have the typical rust in the lower section by the door.
I have one patch piece laying around for one side I believe.
The rest of the fender is solid.
Passenger door. Good condition. Had some pin holes just starting to rust. Has been cleaned up primed. Just needs to be filled in with a few tack welds or a light coat of bondo if you wanted to.
Drivers side door. Needs to be reskinned or replaced. I was just going to replace it.
Drivers side quarter panel. Good condition, no rust or dents.
Passenger quarter panel. Has rusted out around the lip of the wheel well.
I have the half quarter skin to repair it.
Roof. Great condition, no rust or dents.
Drip rails are in great condition also. No rust or rot.
Trunk lid. Has a small dimple in it other wise in good condition no rust.
Rear bumper and taillight panel have dents in it.
Previous owner backed into the corner of his garage.
Rear valance good shape.

Brakes will need to be replaced before driving any distance.
They need to be bled and the shoes are pretty much worn down almost to the rivits.
I take it around the block every so often just to run it but I wouldn't drive it much further.
Wheel cylinders seem fine and don't leak. Drums look like they have some meat left on them.
I was just going to replace the whole brake system, soft lines and all since you can do the whole thing for $500 and I don't want to play around when it comes to safety.

Exhuast is a straight dual setup. Needs to be replaced though. Doesn't have any hole is in yet but is pretty rusty.
One muffler looks like it was replaced in the near past but the other is pretty shot.

All in all not a bad project car that is halfway there and I have most of the stuff to finish.
You can see some pics of it when it was first brought home on my site at
I will be taking current photos tonight and will post and e-mail to anyone interested.

You can reach my by e-mail: [email protected] or phone: 201-887-4753 if you have any other questions.
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