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Just throwin' this out there. Would any of you be willing to trade me for my:

2001 Ford Explorer Sport
2001 Ford Explorer 2Dr Sport - GREAT GAS MILEAGE!!!!!!!

For a classic Mustang project? I just turned 16 on Wednesday and really want a Mustang of my own, my uncle & I are working on a 1968 Coupe but now that that is almost done I want one of my own. Running would be nice but not necessary as that might be too much to ask. I have gotten offered a 1965 I6 Coupe and a 1970 I6 Coupe, just want to see what is out there, and if I sold the car, would any of you be willing to sell a classic Mustang at a similar price? I am interested in years 1964-1969. The only cash I have to add on top of a trade is about $200.
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