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I could't find a better forum to put this in. If you know of a better one let me know and I'll re-post this there.

So, this is going to sound a little odd but here we go...

I'm looking to trade a complete mustang (or other car?) body repair for a F150 (2009 or later). I'll do all the labor, you only need to provide the parts. This will include any custom mods you want done like shaved shock towers, sub-frame connectors, install suspension kits, etc...

I purchased a 2011 Ford Ranger (new, off the lot) for work when I was still living in San Diego. Made sense as a smaller truck was great in San Diego trafic, fuel mileage is great and was powerful enough to tow cars and run car parts back and forth to machine shops.

Fast forward to today, now got 2 kiddos, live in big-ol-texas and a ton of my work involves driving off maintained roads to get to cars and trucks for work. Biggest issue is the need for a back seat/bench for the kids and 4wd.

Ideally we could work out a deal where you drive down here towing the mustang and drive home with the Ranger. Or if you have no interest in the Ranger but like the idea of a trade (project labor for f150), please let me know!

There are a few build logs on here with examples of my work, please feel free to contact the owners for a character reference or PM me and I'll shoot you over my number and we can chat.


- Matt

Ranger Specs:

37000 miles (yep only 37k)
Sport model
Extended cab
All maintenance done at dealership
Just put new tires on all corners
Just put new brake pads on
Line-X bed liner
Custom headache rack, also sprayed with Line-x
AC runs ice cold
Factory radio works perfect

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I don't have the truck you are looking for, but I've got a 66 convertible that needs some metal work. I tried to figure out how to private message you, but couldn't figure out how to do it (I just registered on this site, so thinking maybe I can't PM yet, but I might just be technically challenged).

Anyway, I'd love to meet some time this week and discuss the project if you open to the work. PM me if you can or let me know the best way to reach you. Thanks. -Grant
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