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Trannie conversion?

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Hi and thank u for your time. I am thinking about doing a trannie conversion in one of my 66 coupes from a three speed to a automatic so my wife can drive it. She refuses too learn too drive a stick and if I dont do something soon, she wont let me spend anymore money on my cars. What type of automatic trannie should I put in the car and would the floor shifter line up in the hole that is already there for the manual shifter? I have a 289 in the car by the way. Any and all ideas would be great. The car is a little beefed up and has posi in the rear end.
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A C4 would be the best bet. Most people want to change from the auto to a stick! Maybe you could work something out with someone? If you do a search here you will probably find something of use.
Go to an FMX, and put in the 351W while you're at it !!!
I believe the stock shifter for a automatic is positioned the same as the 3 speed.I would stick with the c-4 or go to the aod overdrive if you do alot of driving.many choices available starting at 600.00.
will a fmx bolt in to my 289?
No it's a 351 tranny only !!!
The FMX is not only for 351W's, my '72 has a 302 w/ an FMX.
i`m surprised no one has offered to swap with you, if you were closer i would
I may be able to get you a complete running c4 tranny set up if you are interested. Shipping may be an issue.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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