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Transmission almost done!!

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I am jazzed!!!!

to recap for everyone who doesn't remember or didn't keep up with my saga;

Last year(april-may) my 'Stang was vandalized -keyed- very badly. Soooooo I completely re-did the body, repairing some small rust areas and adding a shaker hood and scoop. At the time the car had a T-5 5speed. I have a bad knee, and shifting was killing me, so I swapped my T-5 for an AOD while the car was getting painted. After the paint job, I was fine-tuning the car/tranny shift points when the AOD crapped out. I found a used c-6 and swapped it in. 60 miles later, the reversing hub inside the c-6 gave up the ghost. It is being rebuilt right now. I pulled the engine and tranny and sand-blasted the engine bay and re-pained it and the engine.

Needless to say, I am more than ready to drive my car again.

I am hopeful I will get the tranny this weekend!!! WOOHOO!!!!!


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You know, It really torques me off that people will vandalize a really nice car. They figure if they can't have one, nobody should. After ton's of hard work they hose it it 30 seconds. Hope you get the tranny the weekend!

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