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Hey guys,
The day i've been expecting for a long time came yesterday. I took my girlfriend to jack in the box after school and we got a oreo shake(those things rule!). I get it and try to pull away from the drive thru window but all i hear is my engine revving. My car starts slowly moving forward but thats only because of the slight incline of the drive thru. My car eventually stops and all it would do was rev. So i put it in park. Waited a second and put it back into drive. Still only reving. I tried to get it moving for a few minutes in drive, then i decided to try reverse. Reverse was the only thing that worked! so i had to go backwards till i could find a parking spot. After me and my girlfriend walked all the way back to the school to get her car to drive me home, we got a tow truck and got it to a transmission shop as soon as we could (it was 5:00 and most shops close at that time). We got it to the shop right on time so that they could put it inside instead of leaving it on the street. They called us today and said they found a lot of shavings in the transmission pan. We told them to rebuild it and put on a transmission cooler. Hopefully it'll perform a lot better than before the whole incident. It never really felt reliable to me, it only shifted once and that was at very low rpms. Hopefully now ill have more power and better fuel economy! Just felt like sharing my story with you guys. later.

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There's nothing like the sinking feeling when it won't go no more. My van AOD trans input shaft snapped in two just as I was merging onto the interstate one day. It jerked so bad, it shook the whole van, and then that was all she wrote. I was lucky though, got a used AOD for a few hours of work.
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Hi Justin,

A belated welcome...

A couple of questions...did you notice any symptoms before the trans took a dump? Say, like mushy shifts or the engine revving between shifts or hesitation going into gear at idle...?

You say you only felt it shift once...which position did you have the shifter in? Was it one click or two clicks back from neutral?

Also, did you ever check the trans fluid level, color and smell? If so, what did you note?

BTW, prepare the budget for around 600-800.00....when it rains, it pours....*G*

Have the shop put a shift kit in the trans so it'll shift firmer...I put one in mine a while back and set it to "kill"...firm shifts...trannys got 199K on it and still going strong...


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i had the same problem. I installed an internal shift kit and blew the bands. Only reverse worked. I spent $1000 to rebuild it. You may want to consider a NEW tranny instead of a rebuild. Prolly be worth it. Good luck

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Just another advantage of a vintage mustang....if you leave school and it breaks down then the school admisitration can believe you! you can just leave school all the time and tell them that the stang broke down!
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