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Transmission rebuild?

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I have a 65 fastback with an automatic trans and I just lost reverse this weekend. All the forward gears work fine. I'm thinking that the worst case scenario is that it will need to be rebuilt, what's a ballpark figure for this in the Chicago area? I was given a quote of $525 to rebuild it, does this seem reasonable? I'm hoping it's something small and inexpensive (and so is my wife) considering it just came out of the shop Saturday.
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I had the same question this winter. My 4 speed top loader wouldn't down shift so I needed to bring it in for a rebuild. I took it out and dropped it off to save $$. I was told on VMF $600 would be fair and that is exactly what I paid. I don't know if this helps but $600 seemed like alot to me also.

Good Luck!


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I had my transmission rebuilt on my 87 t-bird and that was about $1300. I had it done at AAMCO. I wouldn't recommend dealing with them. I was very unhappy with the service. Plus, the transmission left me dead on the road 3 times after the re-build.
Not that I've experienced this, but have you thought about replacing the trans with a rebuilt? Accurate Transmissions is based in my town (Mundelein) and I've heard good things about their work.
I will be selling my current engine and transmission (out of a 68 fastback) Let me know if you are interseted in the transmission. It's a C4 and was rebuilt (for performance) approximately 18,000 miles ago. It's been super reliable, shifts real firm, and is virtually bullet-proof.
Thanks for the offer. I dropped it off at the shop yesterday so we'll see what they find. Hopefully it won't need to be rebuilt. If it does they've already given me a good price on rebuilding.
Just thought I'd let everyone know, the worst case scenario occurred. They opened it up and the bands were gone. So we are now the proud owners of a rebuilt transmission. Hopefully we'll make it more than 15 miles w/o the car breaking down.
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