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What kind of transmission do you use with a 65 mustang, 6cyc, 3spd? c-4? fmx? what?
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My '66 originally came with a I6, with a C4 tranny. It would mostly depend, if you're going "concourse" to what your ID tag said.

If you're going with what you want for a 6 cylinder.... C4 would work...

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That depends on what you want it to do. You can slap in an overdrive automatic or a 5 speed manual for good highway crusing. As previous poster said, you originally had a C4 or a 3 speed manual if you want to go back to original.

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The car could have had a 2.77 three speed, a 4 spd Dagenham, or a C4. You can go with a Toploader, T-10, or a T5 if you want.


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