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Anyone with a breakdown on changing from non-synchro 3 speed to an auto tranny- PLEASE HELP

65 200 6 cyl 3 speed
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Good Idea. The non synchro 3-speed has lead bearings and glass gears + a worthless wimpy clutch. The C-4 is a great automatic. Sounds like a very worthwhile change. Seems like there is a site with a great deal of info on changing a V-8 auto to a 200 auto setup. That might be of some help. I am considering changing my grandson's '65 289 to the 200 that came out of his mother's '66. If you don't go to the auto, let me know as I have the '68 3-speed setup for the 200 which would give you the bigger clutch and the fully synchro 3-speed if that is interesting. Good Luck - C-4's are great.

65 Conv., 65 & 66 Coupes and the remains of
a 66' Coupe with 6 cyl. engine and V-8 3 spd.
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