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Ok so I bought this '70 project. Runs well but the C6 trany dosn't work right.

No forward gears!!! But reverse works fine.

The guy I got it from says that 'his trany buddy' stated the clutches might be bad. But I was thinking if the clutches where bad wouldn't reverse not work? I am assumeing that they all run off the same clutch internaly. The guy installed a shift kit. I don't know if he had this 'clutch' problem before or after the kit install. I'm kinda wondering if maybe he installed it wrong. Maybe even he used the wrong kit to? He says its a C6 trany with a 302. I'm wondering also if it is a C4!! I have the package for the kit and it says its a B&M kit for a C6.

Let me know what ya guys think. Also how would I tell the differance between a C6, C4 and an FMX trany?

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I have been studying auto trans stuff for 2 months now. You have at least 2 clutch paks in there.
I have been working with the Fox bodies and their little OD 4 speed, but I have learned this.
They work by magic!! Between clutches, bands, one way sprags (Yes, it is a word, I looked it up!)
I get impressed every time I look at an auto tranny. I rebuilt a C-6 for a small block when I was 17 and
it actually worked for a while. I put one part in the wrong place and got a steel disc spinning in a
snap ring groove and it scoured out the whole tranny.
Looks like a rebuild is in order. It may be a simple band adjustment or it may be that $11.00 part
that is the next to the last thing out of the case.
If you rebuild it, the insides are standard C-6 parts...If you have someone else do it make sure they rebuild
THAT TRANSMISSION!!! A real small block C-6 is a rare bird. Transmission shop will not have it for a swap out!!
If you have a C-6, it is not stock for that car. I put mine in a 69 vert and ended up in court
after taking it to a local (AAMCO) shop to get it fixed after I "repaired" it myself.
They swore they rebuilt my tranny and it was working great. I proved they did nothing except
lose my transmission plate (vert only) and break my exhaust manifold.
have fun!
Bruce (TX)
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