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Howdy All!!

I am going with my family to San Antonio for a few days of Golf and SeaWorld. I have the usual collection of Mustang and engine parts in my garage, that are too good to throw away, but I will probably never use.

Here is a list of stuff that is cheap or free. So if you live between Dallas and San Antonio, I will be glad to bring them to you. Let me know if you see something that interests you. Send me an email or call me. I will be heading to San Antonio this Sunday.

Prices are negotiable!!!

[email protected] <-- remove NOSPAM

Parts off my '69 Fastback - most of this is nearly new, but I don't need it after the restomod project.

1. '69 Mustang 302-2v engine (C8OE-6015A) ($350)
This is the original engine out of my car. 4000 miles on rebuild, and I pulled it out of my car. This is a complete engine (flywheel-to-waterpump, oilpan-to-valve covers, fuelpump-to-intake manifold, distributor-to-sparkplugs). .030 over bore on rebuild. Rebuilt to stock specifications, so there are no performance parts include. Does not include exhaust manifold.

2. 1969 Mustang V8 Front Suspension ($85)

Complete swap, except for the LCA/UCA, Steering box, and Pitman arm. Every thing is practically new, and only has about 5000 miles on it (then I did the restomod project). Spindles, drum brakes(shoes, wheel cylinders, etc), drums, cross-link, cross-member, idler arm, sway bar, shock tower braces, etc. You can even use the wheel bearings!! The only downside is that the spindle assemblies are completely dis-assembled. I thought I could use them with the Wilwood disc brakes.

3. '69 Mustang 3-speed transmission ($60)
Rebuilt and looks nearly new. Fully synchronized, and includes a reproduction cross member. You can put it in your old truck, if you don't have a mustang!!

4. '69 Mustang 3-speed shifter assembly ($20)
Shifter lever, shifter mechanism/linkage, and a working backup light switch. Good condition, and includes a period correct Hurst shifter T-handle.

5. '69 Mustang 8" third member ($25)
Nothing special, except that it is the orginal third member on my car. Even has the tag. 2.79 open gears, and works great. The gears show no wear.

6. '69 Mustang Rear Drum brakes ($20)
Everything is practically new. Drums, shoes, cylinders, etc.

7. '69 Mustang Rear Leaf Springs (Free!!)
These are the originals off my car, and they are not sprung!! The car sat level as the day it was bought. I think I have the shackles, too.

8. '69 Mustang 302 Pulleys/Fan ($15)
The orginal single groove pulleys off my car. Cleaned and painted. Waterpump, alt, and 3-bolt crank pulley, 4-blade fan, alt adjustment bracket, and alt fan.

351w Parts - I spun a bearing after 4000 miles on a 351w that dynoed 343 rwhp. Did not need this stuff for the stroker.

1. Speedpro Pistons, with Ford rods ($40)
These piston look new, execept for the slight carbon on their tops. The piston skirts are not worn. These are assembled with Ford Rods (.010 crank journals). The rod that spun the bearing needs to be checked by a machinist, and it is marked.

2. Comp Cam and lifters (hydraulic) ($40)
at 0.005, 234/236 duration, .519/.523 lift, 110 LSA. I have the grind card if you are interested, but I have to find it. Includes the lifters, and they are marked with the cylinder/valve that they go to.

3. Comp Roller Rockers 1.6 ($35)
That is what they are. 4000 miles on them.

4. 351w crank (ground .010 on mains and rods) ($5)
This is the crank that I spun the bearing on. It may be salvageable, but I never checked.

5. Melling high-volume oil pump ($10)
That is what it is.

Miscellanious Stuff

1. Heddman 2.5" H-pipe ($10)
Comes in three pieces, and you cut/weld to fit.

2. Lincoln Versaille 9" rearend ($200)
2.5 open gears, and 28-spline axles. I have disassembled/inspected it. It is in good shape. I don't have the brake assemblies. Two of the wheel studs need to be replaced, and I have already removed the broken ones.

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I should have added stops at Waco and any other place along I-35 between Dallas and Austin. I think also along I-90???? between Austin and San Antonio.

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