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I'm installing a billet steel flywheel and King Cobra clutch kit in my '68
as part of a 4 speed-to-tremec conversion and I'm concerned about
torque specs. The specs I have are from the Shop Manual (bible)
and are as follows:

flywheel bolts - 75-85 lb-ft
pressure plate cover to flywheel - 12-20 lb-ft
bell housing to block - 40-50 lb-ft

The flywheel bolts seemed nicely snug at 75 lb-ft, but the pressure plate bolts
seem barely tight at 20 lb-ft. And since the Shop Manual spec is for the original
steel bell housing, I'm concerned that those numbers will be too high for the
aluminum late model bell housing I'm using now.

Does anyone know what these specs are on the late models?

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the pressure plate bolts seem barely tight at 20 lb-ft.

My thoughts exactly...aren't those 3/8" NF #8's? If so, I'd say 27-32 would be a good range (at least in a steel flywheel)...get me a bolt diameter, thread picth and grade # and I can tell you.

Bellhousing bolt torque sounds about right...I torque the #5 bolts on the C4 bellhousing on the race car in that range. I do use a thin hard washer under the bolt head to prevent gouging of the aluminum.

Bolt/stud nut torque is a function of fastener size, thread pitch and material type/temper and thread condition (dry, lubed, etc)....the parts being clamped generally have no bearing on the torque spec.

Hope that helps!
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